Need help packing your bag for Rafting Expedition?

If you have never been on a river journey in Nepal before, you’re in for an amazing experience. Very little in Nepal resembles life anywhere else in the world. This is a place of deep religious customs, the most radical topography on the earth. Most of the populations of Nepal are substance farmers, living in many days walk from the nearest road.
rafting adventure in nepal
Once you leave Kathmandu valley there is a little to remind you of the world you have left behind. It a great place to escape to. There is no better way to see Nepal than on a river trip, which by its very nature is the essence of escapism.If you are planning to join to trip here’s what you need to bring for the trip-rafting in nepal

 For camping and travelling:

  • A sleeping bag and pad- Your sleeping nag should be a two to three season bag, either down or synthetic filled. A foam pad or Thermarest sleeping mattress is mandatory for a good night’s sleep. For those who do not have a sleeping bag and pad, they can be rented easily in Kathmandu/Pokhara.
  • Lightweight pants
  • Cotton underwear
  • Light weight long sleeved shirt or T-shirt-

We use these as sunscreens in the camp…. Don’t worry about getting enough sun, you will.

  • A fleece style jacket- Polypropylene or wool is preferable.
  • Toiletries- Keep it to a minimum and forget the cosmetics… you won’t have a chance to use them. Bring plenty of moisturizing lotion.
  • Spare glasses or contact lenses if you wear them.
  • Flashlight or headlamp with spare batteries
  • Water bottle

River wear:

  • River sandals like Tevas or Alps are the preferred footwear on the river. It I essential that all rafters have footwear that they can wear in the raft which will not come off in the event of a swim, as this is considered standard safety equipment. Old running shoes will also so.
  • Shorts or a swimming costume
  • A sarong for women (long piece of cloth wrapped around your waist) is another good option, and can be purchased cheaply in Nepal. This is invaluable for visiting villages and respecting local custom for dress.
  • A baseball style cp and good sunglasses are absolutely essential-

Sunglasses should be equipped with a retaining device to keep them on your face where they belong.

  • Sunscreen (spf 15 or greater and waterproof) is essential DON’T FORGET LIP BALM, SPF 115 MINIMUM!

 -Perhaps the most important thing you can bring is a good mental attitude!

nepal rafting trip

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