One thing you shouldn’t miss this Summer!

Summer is in, which means going to the beaches, spending time with your families. It’s that time of the year you had been dreaming about for the whole winter and monsoon season.  It is the time to get out of your houses and do something exciting, to get rid of your comfort zone and at the same time making wonderful memories with your friends.

bhotekoshi rafting in nepal

We are so fortunate to be born in Nepal which has enough places to travel for our life time. Be it trekking to Himalayas or Terai, a day or multiple days rafting, visiting different stupas and some of the world heritage sites, we have it all. Despite all these opportunities we don’t see much people travelling around the country. Even if we did see, it is usually outside Nepal, we are ready to spend our hard earned money to travel abroad. This is neither helping our country’s economy or our knowledge about our own country.

So, I recommend my friends and families to start exploring your own country. What could be better than starting with white water rafting in such a scorching heat?

rafting in sunkoshi beach camp

White water rafting is one of the thrilling as well as exciting adventure sport you can do along with your family and friends. And being born and bought up in place like Nepal, it’s a shame not to have rafted at least once your lifetime. As people from foreign countries spend thousands of dollars, plan their trip a year or two ahead so that they can come to Nepal and travel many places as well do some adventure activities.

We are fortunate to have all the resources in our own country, its high time we start making use of these resources.

rafting in nepal with udnepal

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