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Bhote Kosi River Rafting with Ultimate Descents Nepal

One of the popular Bhote Koshi River in Nepal, is Just three hours away from Kathmandu. Rafting in the Bhote Koshi is without doubt the most exciting thing you can do in Nepal and it is quite possibly one of the best two days rafting trip offered anywhere in the world. The river is a very steep and continuous mountain stream, a unique combination of exceptionally fun and challenging rapids without it ever getting past the point of recreation. Ultimate Descents Nepal is rightfully proud of its base camp at the Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort situated alongside the river, has 8 acres of sprawling terraces and is surrounded by mountains, forests and waterfalls. The serene and unflustered environment of the riverside camps can be very captivating.

Drawing its amazing and mystifying power from high in the Bhot (Tibet), the river tumbles into Nepal through the breathtaking valleys. Glacier water from the 10th highest Mountain Shisa Pangma carves a steep and direct drop at the top that gradually eases to more placid streams and calmer pools within a 21 km run at the Lamosangu dam. The rapids, here, are a solid class IV-V at high flow and a more class III at lower levels. Continuous, challenging and action-packed, the river offers you nothing less than the ride of a lifetime.

Bhote Koshi 2 Days Rafting Package (Kathmandu - Kathmandu)


The bus ride begins at 6:30am which takes us out of Kathmandu valley and leads us through the rice fields and ancient town of Dhulikhel. On a clear day, the entire Himalayan Range is clearly visible from the summit. From here, the road drops 1,100 meters to the village of Dolalghat on the banks of the Indrawati River. Our put-in point is just below the Dam on the upper Sun Koshi, 40 km south of the Tibetan border. Once we arrive at the put-in point, we then unload all the gears and prepare for the Rafting /Training day.

Lunch is served before rafting starts or after a couple of hours of rafting downstream, depending on the time. Rafting Preparation is made as the Bhote Koshi is not a River that can be taken lightly. We will teach and give instructions on the first day of the trip so that the rafters can have more fun and understanding of rafting skills which will ensure a greater satisfying experience. The rafters should have experience pertinent to Class 4 rafting before they do the upper stretch of the river.

The Rafting/ Training starts after all the safety briefings. This is the day in which you learn about River Currents, Eddies, Whirlpool, Hydraulic Hole, Rapids as well as Self- rescue, Flip drill, Whitewater Floating Position and more.

At the end of the Rafting, the team will drive back to the Borderlands Resort. An evening at the Resort is the ideal place to prepare for the next day. Thatched-roof Safari-style tents and massive dining hall complete with a well stocked bar, make for the perfect haven where you can indulge in home comforts in the midst of the Himalayan splendor.


In the morning, everyone packs their gears and enjoys breakfast where a huge pot of cowboy is waiting. Coffee not only wakes you up but it also insulates you from the fear of being sentient beings early in the morning, when the vastness of the world and the smallness of our place is so clearly seen.

Personal gears are loaded onto the bus that will drive to the take-out point to meet us. Before starting, there is another paddling session to refresh everyone's memory and to scrape away last night's fog. It's all action today and we will have 3-4 hours (depends on the water level) on the river, pure whitewater all the way downstream. After a series of Class 3 rapids, we drop into the first Class 4 drop, affectionately known as Gerbil in the Plumbing. From Gerbil, there is a stretch of Class 3 whitewater and then we come to the crux of the day, which is a long technical rapid called Frog in a Blender (guess who's the frog). The guides often scout this one as, with the changing water levels, the ride can become well interesting provided the water level allows us to run this rapid. Don't worry though, your trustworthy and stalwart safety kayaker is waiting for you at the end of the stretch, provided of course that he isn't still cart wheeling in one of the several hydraulic to be found along the way.

After the rapid (Frog in a Blender) settles down for about twenty feet, it's back into the soup again with a long series of Class 3+/4- drops, which lead us into a nifty little rapid called Carnal Knowledge of a Deviant Nature (named for the compromising position often attained after running the last drop). This gem of a rapid starts out of a long series of boulder slaloming and hole riding and ends with the entire river rebounding off two rocks before spilling over a two meter ledge into a big soft pool.

The remaining ten kilometers of the river is a non-stop series of Class 3 and 4 drops terminating into short pools with the next drop just a few feet away. The river flows through a beautiful narrow canyon with lush green vegetation and waterfalls coming in from the steep stone walls. At the end of this stretch is a rapid called ExLax (cause people go all over the place). Just before we hit the village of Barhabise, we take a lunch break to refuel ourselves and then continue our descent through the center of the town and onto a short flat stretch. While most people equate flat stretches with a lessening of intensity, our raft guides know better. The reason the river is flatter here is because a side stream has deposited a huge amount of rock into the river channel, essentially making a dam, which backs the river up for a kilometer. Upon reaching the dam, the entire gradient of the last kilometer fulminates into fifty meters of incredibly steep and technical rapid, respectfully known as The Great Wall. One redeeming feature of this rapid is that there is a pool at the end because right after the pool is an incredible rapid called Liquid Bliss, which leads directly into a rapid called My God, What to do? This is one of the most fun stretches on the river, made doubly fun by the fact that The Great Wall is behind us and lunch is ahead of us. We can either stop to have lunch after My God, What to do? Or push on and have lunch at the take-out point. Either way, the trip ends with a bang on a long series of drops known as Dazed and Confused. Without doubt, this is one of the finest whitewater rafting that can be had anywhere.

At the take-out, the entire rafts are carried up and dried in the garden surrounding the Dam Keepers house at Lamosangu. From here, it is a three hours bus ride back to Kathmandu, usually arriving around 19:00 hrs.

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