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In recognition of biodiversity the Government of Nepal has established a network of 20 protected areas since 1973, consisting of ten national parks, three wildlife reserves, six conservation areas and one hunting reserve.

The Terai consists of large numbers of wetlands (163) followed by hills and the mountains (79) extended from Mechi in the East to Mahakali in the West. Among 27 recognized global freshwater wetlands types, 20 are found in Nepal. But at present, only 9 wetlands are included in the Ramsar sites.

Jungle activities in Nepal include venturing into deep jungles on elephant back or four-wheel drive to view wild animals in their natural habitat, canoe rides or rafting on the jungle rivers, nature walks, camping trips, bird watching, Dolphin sighting, fishing, Tiger tracking or wild Elephant tracking and village tour excursions etc. Experiencing wildlife safari while in Nepal has always been a traveler's delight. The extreme geographical diversity of Nepal provides a wealth of flora and fauna unlike anywhere else in the world. If you travel south towards the Chitwan National Park, you will get ample opportunity to see the abundant wildlife in this beautiful nature preserve. One-horned Rhinoceros, Gaur (wild Oxen), Gharial is also known as the Gavial and marsh mugger Crocodiles, Sloth Bear, Languor, Chital and the majestic Bengal Tigers are what one would be able to view during their visit to this pristine land.
Exploring further through the villages and the farmlands of our Terai region, you will come across the magnificent Bardia National Park situated in the heart of west Nepal's remote but undisturbed wilderness. The uproaring Karnali River, flowing through the middle of this park, and the riverine forests and grasslands fed by its water are home to 32 species of mammals and some 250 bird species. Bardia is undoubtedly a majestic and unspoiled land of wildlife which provides for a high possibility of big game wildlife viewing, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, Wild Elephant and the rare Gangetic Dolphin.

Beyond Rafting Activities

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Mountain Biking
Bardiya Jungle Safari
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